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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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>> every saturday, al jazeera america brings you conversations you won't find anywhere else... >> your'e listening because you wanna see what happen... >> get your damn education... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> oh my... bazaar troof... ... bazaar troof... good morning to you. welcome to al jazeera america. live from new york city, i am morgan radford. here are today's top stories. >> two popes become saints in the catholic church as the faithful watch from saint peter's square. >> we have no indication when we will be sent home to our countries and to see our families. >> detained in ukraine, european observers being held captive are
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seen for the very first time as mediators work for their release. plus, calling a foul, the nba investigates the racist comment attributed to the owner of the l.a. clippers. a historic day in vatican city where for the very first time in the entire history of the catholic church, two popes were elevated to sainthood in a joint canonization ceremony. thousands filled saint peter's square to witness the unprecedented event while millions watched from all over the world. pope francis led the ceremony for john paul ii and john xxiii. in fact, john ter bennett has reaction from newark, new jersey but first with nick schifrin live in vatican city. nick, what is the emotion there like? what is the reaction where you
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are? >> reporter: morgan, i think the people i talked to -- it's not just thousands. it's nearly a million people who witnessed this ceremony is three-fold. one, they are awed by the sense of history. they are sense by the -- awed by the sense, as you said, two popes becoming two saints in 2000 years. the church has never seen anything like that. they are also here to say thank you to two very popular popes, john paul, often known as "the great" here really reached out to a new generation, a younger generation of catholics, spreading the church very, very wide. we saw some of the largest crowds ever assembled when he traveled, especially to places like the philippines and back to his home country of poland. also, john xxiii, "the good pope" as he is known, the second vatican council is his creation, a sense of catholicism moving into the 20th century trying to get catholics to pray in their own language, to spread their
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faith and share their faith with other christian sects and a real sense they could share their faith with other religions as well. so very popular popes. morgan, perhaps a third thing a lot of people are saying and this gets into a faith, the sense that the humanity in these saints, a real sense of these people on the ground were absolutely saints by what they did. they got their hands dirty, and a lot of people taking that lesson to heart here and saying that i can improve my life as well. >> nick, i am hearing the strong under tone of unity and speaking of that, i understand for the is actually being called "the day of four popes." can you explain that to me? >> reporter: this is four popes because as we said, we had john paul ii and john xxiii but also, pope francis and pope benedict. this is really unprecedented. pope benedict, a former pope before he resigned last year, he was up on that stage right there. this is the first time in 2000
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years of catholic church history that you have two popes co-celebrating a mass in public together. so that's why we are talking about four popes, and this notion of unity that you just mentioned, morgan, absolutely right. this is the message that francis wants. traditionally, people have seen john paul ii as the conservative pope, john xxiii as a more liberal, progressive pope. francis says that's too simple. >> that's not what we to express anymore. we want to express a unity. in his sermon today, he said that actually, it wasn't that john paul was the conservative and john was the liberal. it was that john started reforms that john paul continued much that's what francis is really trying to say. perhaps, morgan, he takes a lot of cues from john xxiii. he had said to have brought the church into the 20th century. perhaps francis today trying to bring the church into the 21st century >> thanks so much, nick for joining us. catholics are celebrating
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today's event. john ter bennett is at the cathedral of sacred hard in newark, new jersey, visited by john paul back in 1995. john, let's jump right into it. pope john paul ii had a long history when he was head of the catholic church. can you give us a little bit more background on that? >> reporter: well, i would say, morgan, that american catholics have an ongoing love affair with john paul ii because he came to this country on several occasions, if you include a stop-over in alaska. he vested pretty much every major american city. now, they know about john xxiii a little bit less but they recognize he got going something called vatican 2, the second vatican council that brought about many changes nick was just talking about. they recognize the significance of that. but at the mass here, at the cathedral of the sacred heart, they spoke about both popes turned into saints but particularly pope john paul ii, as he reminded the parishioners
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here how he was shot and went to the prison to forgive his would-be asass in. after the mass we spoke to several worshippers including one woman whose mother lives in haiti and said get down there, girl. you've got to get in and open our family's account with saint jp ii and saint jay xxiii. she came, and this is what she told us? >> i heard from my mom in haiti. she said you have to go. because i haven't been in church in at least a couple of weeks. she said please make it in for me this morning. because my mom in haiti, she was watching it as well. >> tell people who aren't catholics why the saints matter. >> actually, you know, we go to church. we pray to the saints. we ask for help, strength, to guide us, protect us. it's a whole bunch of different stuff. people put it in a different way. i mean i pray to the lord. i pray to the virgin mary.
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i pray. >> now you pray to john paul? >> john paul. >> and john? >> yes. >> i think it's amazing, because i never thought i would live in a time where i would actually be able to relate to pope john paul ii, and actually see him can onized as a saint. i think it's greatcanonized as a saint. i t it's great. i think he truly is a saint >> morganing, catholics received this in the pews, a flier with a picture of john xxiii here and st. john paul ii here morgan? >> john terrett joining us from newark, new jersey. thank you for being with us this morning. meanwhile, european negotiators are in the eastern part of ukraine hoping for the release of their colleagues. they have been held by pro-russian separatists since last friday. the can'tors put them on display today with the head of the observer group, colonel alex snyder. he insisted they are in the region for diplomatic reasons only and that they are not spying for nato.
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he also said they are not being mistreated. >> we have not been touched, and we have been treated as the maximum extent which is possible under the circumstances. our presence here in slovyansk is, for sure, a political instrument for the decision makers here in the region. and the possibility to use it for negotiations. >> this creases in ukraine has displaced many families. al jazeera's hoda amid is talking to some looking for shelter >> when vatalia left her home, she thought it was for a week. her husband now at sea is a
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ukrainian navy officer who was forced to evacuate after russian troops surrounded his base in crimea. >> translator: it's difficult to imagine things could turn out like this. i never thought we would have to move and leave everything behind. we were afraid. now we are in another city and i don't know what is going to happen. we have to run from place to place in our own country. >> like the dankoviches many have relocated to southeast ukraine. the ones who came here refused to collaborate with the russians. not in the numbers we saw in crimea. the men we have here now are not from this area. >> shortly after their arrival, the wave of pro-russian septemb sentiment caught up with them. probe russians are occupying the local council two weeks after
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they seized it some of them were wounded during what appears to be a botched attempt by the acting government to clear the building. now their positions are hardened. >> i am waiting for the russian invasion because i think it's our only hope of settling this problem with minimal losses. >> russian troops have been moving closer to the border here over the past few days. it's a scenario the servicemen at the navy base know all too well. the ukraine lost some of its vessels. but the ships at sea were diverted and made their way here in crimea, the ukrainian navy was no match to russia's display of power. with less men and equipment now, it's hard to see how there could be any resistance if russians were once again to show up at their doorstep. hamid, al jazeera, southeast ukraine. be sure to stay with
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al jazeera america for the latest developments in ukraine, not to mention the reactions to two entirely new saints and the rest of today's top stories, you can always like us on facebook by simply searching al jazeera america. south korea's prime minister resigned today over his government's handling of the tragic ferry sinking. he is the highest ranking official to lose his job in the wake of this disaster and his resignation comes after relatives of the victims say the government mis handled that accident and they really didn't do enough to rescue or to protect their loved ones >> the right thing for me to do is to take responsibility and resign as a person who was in charge of the cabinet. on behalf of the government, i apologize for many problems from the prevention of the accident to the early handling of the disaster >> meantime, the search continues for the missing passengers off of the coast of jindo. the recovery mission has been hampered by back water but the coast guard is back to the site
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where the ship sank on april 16th. >> laster left more than 300 dead or missing. president obama met with his malaysian counter part on the third leg of his asian tour. missing flight 370 did over shadow his visit but al jazeera's mike viqueira is traveling with the president >> after weeks of criticism and suspicion that he and his government haven'shared all they know in the search for missing flight 370, prime minister got a public boost from president obama >> the united states and other partners have found the malasian government eager for assistance, have about fully forthcoming with us in terms of the information that they have. >> najib's government is under fire for human rights record and government targeting of gays. mr. obama defended naji and
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rejected criticism of his failure to meet the twice jailed leader while here. >> the fact that i met with mr. amwar in and of itself is not indicative of our lack of concern given the fact that there are a lot of people on i don't meet with and opposition leaders i don't meet with him >> mr. obama will send susan rice to meet with amwar. najib insists he has pushed through reform. >> you should not under estimate or diminish whatever we have done. >> as it has throughout his trip, the crisis in ukraine hung over the president's stop in malaysia. the u.s. and its allies have threatened sanctions on broad sect orders of the russian economy. some in europe are backilking. the president said the u.s. won't go it along >> we are going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees that the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a
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u.s./russian conflict. >> mike viqueira, al jazeera, traveling with the president in malaysia. now speaking of the president, president obama, an avid basketball fansponding to go allegedly racist comments from the los angeles clipper's owner. audio released by tmz reveals a man who sounds like the team's long running owner don sterling taking a jab with his girlfriend >> stopping a news conference with malaysia's prime minister just to weigh in >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't have to do anything. you just let them talk. >> that's what happened here. i have confidence the nba commissioner, adam silver will address this >> he has been on the job just
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three months and if these comments are, in fact, true, silver's first major decision in the league will set the tone for the league as well as silver's legacy. al jazeera's jessica taft joins us now with more on that. jessica, what is going on with this story? >> talk about the weight of a decision. adam silver, as the leader of the free world watching awaiting to see how he and the league are going to respond to those allegations that extend way beyond the basketball court. take a listen to the audio obtained from tmz that claims the voice is clipper's owner donald sterling: >> if those words are from the clipper's owner, he just directly offended a league 70% black not to mention indirectly offending arguabley the entire league. as a lawyer, he knows it's a
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decision that can't be made in haste. >> donald sterling should be afforded due process just as any player in this league or any executive in this league would be. so, it would be, you know, unwise of me and improper, frankly, to express a view as to what the ultimate outcome of any investigation would take us to. >> so silver won't talk about potential punishments until the investigation is concluded. he said the league intends to act quickly and will have a decision within a few days. until they then, he said sterling agreed not to attend the game today which is probably a good idea all around, for his safety at least i am guessing >> let's just back up a minute here i understand this is actually not the first time. he has been in some pretty dicey water. what happened then? >> it is. these allegations have raised regarding discrimination go all the way back. in 2006, 2009, he was -- there
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was allegations against him from the government, actually, about discrimination. >> the government? >> refusing to rent apartments to minorities. he had to settle those cases. but that was off the court. so, of course, when his head coach was asked about if he was surprised by the comments? he said, well, not really because it is unfortunately known in the league that he has those racial issues. >> but let's play devil's advocate for a minute. if, in fact, they can't prove that it's him, no doubtedly the backlash almowill follow. ask he be in a position to remain owner if they approve it? you didn't do it? >> that will be the toughest thing for the league actually to be able to hold on to because there are so many between the wiretapping laws and things like that. the one thing is, there is no way you could have an owner that has basically ripped the entire league and then still be -- still be in power there essentially, and people have talked about boycotting and things like that. this is why you have a guy like
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doc rivers who has been around for a long time. he, himself, is black, the coach of the clippers. 12 of his 14 players are black, but this is doc rivers, what he said yesterday when he was talking about the statement that they can make rather than boycott, this is the statement doc rivers said, the biggest statement we can make as men -- not as black men but as men is to stick together as a group. it's easy to protest, but our protest will be in our play. a lot of times, coaches will never admit if there is a distraction. they say, no, we are playing the game. this is the one time he said, absolutely this is a distraction. he also was asked: do you feel comfortable coaching for an owner like this? he said, not today. >> i wonder if any time soon? >> absolutely. >> jess taft, thank you for joining us in sports. coming up on al jazeera america, fighting for a job students are looking for any opportunity to make it in the corporate world. so a pastor is stepping any to help them get their foot in the door.
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the unemployment rate for black teenagers in america is twice as high as it is for white kids. as brandon reports, one dallas pastor is trying to change that and set young black men up for a better future. his weekends look like his week nights. >> the classes i am is ap pr ap pre cal, ap world history, spanish iv, ap physics >> unfortunately, good grades and tough classes haven'helped the high school junior land his first job. >> it takes forever to get feedback and has not a came back >> it's especially hard for young blacks like cory to find work. according to the bureau of labor statistics, unemployment among black teenagers runs at about 36%. >> that's twice the rate for white teens so smith turned to a new program called tlooif.
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it helps african-american teenagers in dallas find paid internships >> it's our hooking up young brothers normally in the streets, instead, are working in the corporate suites >> frederick haines ii is the pastor of friendship dallas. he is the force behind thrive, 100 young men will be placed with various companies for six weeks over the summer to learn about the careers they will be shadowing. >> but then at the same time, we are going to do all we can to make sure they have some cash in the pocket legally >> employers have agreed to not only put the teens to work but also serve as mentors. president obama recently recognized pastor haynes and his efforts >> before i came out, i was in a photo line, saw my good friend, freddy haynes, great pastor from the great state of texas and he told me this summer, they are going to hire 100 young men, pay them $10 and $0.10 an hour.
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maybe 10.50. >> as for smith and others who apply, if placed... >> they are going to see what they can do in corporate settings. they are going to see who they can become as they connect with mentors. and i am praying to god that's what will happen for these young kids, that they will all-star start dreaming just large so that one day, they will be in charge. >> i was hoping to get involved with that and it may be look for maybe someone that can give me a little more knowledge in what i want to do with my future and when i get out of high school >> although 100 internships are available right now, that number could grow if more companies decide to come on board. brandon trutling, al jazeera, dallas >> today, south africa is celebrating freedom day. it commemorates the first post apardon i'd general election happening 20 years ago. that was the first time that every single race on could actually vote. it made nelson mandela president. a deeper look at this
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significance >> reporter: photographs of violent's family bring back fond memories but she says she sometimes gets annoyed. she voted for freedom in south africa's first democratic elections in 1994. she feels young people these days don't understand what it was like living under apartheid. >> i want to tell them they are fools because we used to live like dogs >> violent calls the apartheid years the dark days. some who spoke out against the government were arrested, disappeared, or were kipped. 20 years leader. the congress is largely credited for helping end the oppression >> a high of 21 degrees degrees >> 23-year-old learned about apartheid in school and word of mouth. she knows during apartheid she probably wouldn't be doing this job because of the color of her skin. she is grateful. she feels democracy should be
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more than just freedom. >> there are a lot of issues that come up with regards to the caliber of leadership that we have in our country. this is definitely riddled with, you know, a lot of corruption, you know, our leaders that have innocence forgotten their people >> millions of people are jobless. approximately 1 in every 4. there is anger at government's failure to address poverty and growing inequality. >> we have a different kind of apartheid, a class apartheid, who continues to benefit those who benefitted under apartheid but with a small layer of the black middle currently grafted on to those who benefited historically. and that has to change. >> phillip acuta said the ruling congress has done well over the last 20 years. >> able to have basically today
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>> but millions more across the country say they are still waiting for the basics like water and electricity along affordable housing. al jazeera, johannesburg >> jed ahead, we will tell you how a film crew solved a mystery in new mexico. more on that in just a moment.
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good sundays to you. i am eboni deon. tracking the weather ongoing from parts of kansas into texas where we have a line of storms developing off to the east of dallas. we will watch this very closely because these storms have been racing, and they have had a history of producing at least some large hail, upwards to about one inch in diameter into oklahoma. here is a look at the satellite and radar. we are dealing with a strong area of low pressure making its way eastward tapping into gulf
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of mexico moisture. we have the right ingredyentsdz to spark showers and storms but look on the back side of it. we have snow coming down into the mountains of colorado around park mountains. that's where we are going to see possibly up to about a foot of snow. today's severe weather risk really lies here across the mid mississippi valley on southward. little rock, st. louis, kansas city all included in that. st. louis mainly overnight and into the early part of our monday and then by the time we get into monday afternoon, it's going to continue to shift eastward. cincinnati will be included in that, and eventually, the atlanta area. with these storms, we are expecting large hail damaging winds as well as heavy rainfall. >> that's going to produce some flooding risks across parts of the southeast. morgan? >> thanks so much, ebony. people in a desert digging in land all for this. >> that's the atari video game et. now, gamers consider it to be the worst video game ever made. actually considering it an embarrassing flop. atari was room ordered to have millions of copies of the game
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which they unloaded into that landfill. so far, crews can't count just how many cartridges they have found. thanks so much for watching al jazeera. i am morgan radford and "listening post" is coming up next. . hello. you are at the "listening post." the ongoing war in journalism in pakistan an the intelligence agency that stands accused of putting the media in crosshairs. eastern ukraine, get